On Thursday night, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took to the stage of his alma mater, Serra High School, San Mateo, CA, to talk to a crowd of 800 alumni and students. The five time Super Bowl player spoke about being a “wide-eyed senior” and told those present to follow their dreams and take advantage of every opportunity.

Brady told the crowd that he was grateful for the support of his family and friends. He said he was glad to be back in the place where his career began 17-years ago.

He said, “I've received so much support from this community…It means so much to be able to call Serra home."

En route to the 2012 Super Bowl game, Brady said he reflected on his past and how he came to this point in his career.

He also thanked his numerous coaches and teachers at the school, including his coach and mentor Tom Martinez, who passed away on Tuesday.

Brady said “He taught me how to throw a football when I was 12-years-old…His spirit is here with us all the time," Patch.com reports.

High School taught him to be a team player, Brady admitted.

He also admitted that he was not chosen as a quarterback in his freshman year. "I played second string," he said “But I was grateful to play."

The Patriot’s player recalled that during his first game on the field his coach shouted at him “Brady, you look like you're running in slow motion!"

Thankfully his game eventually improved.

He said “I've learned to embrace every hardship…Lord knows, I make plenty of mistakes."

Brady was back at his high school as the keynote speaker at the fundraiser. The event raised $850,000.

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