Celtic were beaten 1-0 at Dundee United on Sunday when manager Neil Lennon again lost the head with a referee after his team were denied a late penalty.

Currently serving a three game touchline ban, Lennon was none too impressed with the failure of the officials to award the penalty.

Speaking to reporters after the game he said, “What do you want me to do, criticize the referee? I have a three-game ban hanging over me already.

“What is the difference between the penalty given against us in the semifinal and that handball today? He (Iain Brines) will just say it wasn’t a penalty but I want to know what is the difference.

“You’ve got to be consistent. I am going to get accused of being a sore loser or blaming referees but it’s not the point, what I want is an answer and I don’t feel I get them.”

Lennon wasn’t impressed with his team’s performance either. He added, “It was a disappointing result and I am annoyed.

“I was not happy with the attitude of some of the players out there today. Some of them are on holiday mode already. We were wasteful with the ball in the final third, we should have scored and I don’t remember my goalie making a save in the whole game.

“We need to knuckle down again this week. We are making some plans with fitness testing this week to compare to where they are when they come back for pre-season.

“So they were in for a tough week but it may even be tougher now after today because I am not happy with a few of them.

“They better be ready for one final push otherwise they won’t be going on holiday just yet.”

Celtic defender Charlie Mulgrew was named Scotland’s Player of the Year on Sunday night.

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