Everett Golson of Notre Dame runs from Michigan State's Marcus Rush

There is something different about Notre Dame this year.

It is not just the 3-0 start, the first time in a decade, or the pep in the step in this young team that almost no one gave a chance to against Michigan State, who they defeated 20-3.

No, it is not the fire in their eyes, the determination in their hearts or the will to win that is so extraordinary. Lots of teams have that.

It is that they play the game differently.

It is the absence of mistakes; those heart breaking, mind-crushing errors that bedeviled this team the past two years.

Remember the turnover fiascos? Remember the quarterback interceptions; remember the wrong decisions when the game was on the line?

The last minute losses were especially troubling, especially the one at Michigan State two years ago with the fake field goal and then the last second loss to Michigan last year that no one could believe.

Those mental mistakes and lapses in concentration are now gone.
And you can see this Irish team getting even better game-by-game.

Young Golson has a rifle arm and an unpredictable quality that makes him a hugely exciting prospect.

The young receiver corps have stepped up and won the big possessions when it counts.

Cierre Wood came through in the clutch yesterday in brilliant fashion.
And don’t even mention the defense and Manti Te’o. We are watching a legend grow before our eyes.

Brian Kelly has transformed a team of bumblers into a team of rare promise.
And the best is yet to come.

Bring on the Wolverines!