Recently in was claimed that Manchester United football player Ryan Giggs was having an affair with Big Brother star and model Imogen Thomas. Now it has been claimed that Giggs was sleeping with his brother’s wife, for eight years, as well as having an affair with a third woman.

Giggs was named as the high-profile football player with an injunction protecting his name over allegations that he had an affair with Thomas. MP John Hemming named him in British Parliament.

Shortly after his identity was released Natasha, his brother’s wife, came forward claiming that she and Giggs had been having an affair since 2003.

Natasha has now revealed that an anonymous woman called her and said she had also slept with the Man U player. According to reports in British tabloids the anonymous caller said “You’re not the only one who’s been sleeping with Ryan.”

Giggs continues to claim that the allegations are false. His wife Stacey Giggs is sticking by her man and says that Natasha made up having an affair.
Ryan Giggs named in British Parliament over super injunction and Big Brother affair

Manchester United's Ryan Giggs and his doormat


Ryan Giggs would have got the Brett Favre treatment in American media thanks to First Amendment.

Speaking to the Sun a source said “Ryan tried to tell Rhodri that the whole thing was rubbish and not true. But Rhodri snapped back “I don’t believe a word of what you’re saying to me. You’re just a liar".”

Rhodri is said to have continued “How can anyone believe what you say ever again after all this? Why would Natasha make any of this up?” The source said “Eventually Stacey grabbed the phone off Ryan and starting shouting: "Look Rhodri, if it's not true, it's just not true. We don't believe Natasha." She then hung up.”

A friend close to Stacey, Giggs’ wife, told the Daily Star “Make no bones about it, Stacey believes that Natasha has been trying to steal her husband. She’s suspected it for a long time and these events prove it. But she (Natasha) has not succeeded.’

Giggs is now being compared to Tiger Woods as he loses sponsorship deals after claims of numerous affairs. According to marketing experts have predicted that his sponsors who helped him amass £34 million would not react unfavorably to his current image.

The footballer and his wife have flown to Spain and are staying in a private villa.


Ryan Giggs, Manchester United