It has been revealed that Singaporean billionaire, Peter Lim, a Manchester United fan, was the second bidder in the running to buy Liverpool Football Club before the board agreed to opt for the offer from New England Sports Ventures (NESV), Boston the Red Sox owners.

Should NESV pull out he could be up in the running as a possible new owner of the club alternatively the club would go into administration.

Regardless of the outcome of the RBS court case Lim has not given up even though his background might prove unpalatable to supporter of Liverpool.

In 2002 Lim’s company, Rowsley, signed an with FJ Benjamin and has opened a string of Manchester United theme bars, clubs and Red cafes throughout the Far East.

Lim, now 57-years-old, is the son of a fishmonger and was raised in a council-apartment with 11 other family members. He excelled at Raffles Institution and was educated in Perth, Australia. In the late 1980s he emerged as the “King of the Remisiers”, Singapore’s stockbrokers. In the last six years it is estimated that he was made $100 million.

It was during the 1990s that he really made money. He invested $10 million on a five percent stake in an Indonesian palm oil business. His investment is now believed to be worth $700 million. He is fourth on the Forbe’s Singapore rich list.

The good news is that Lim believes that Liverpool Football Club is a good investment. He said “The trick is to think long-term...You buy a good stock, leave it there for 10 years. Come 10 years, this dollar can be many, many multiples."