This past Saturday under sweltering conditions, home side Lansdowne beat the Connecticut Yankees by 31-7, which ended the preseason.

The match was played in 3 thirty minute periods to give all players a run and to shorten the stanzas as to relieve the participants from the high humidity.

The first period was a sluggish affair as both sides were obviously affected by the conditions.

ansdowne were on the attack and dominated territory but the Yankees were stout in defense.

In minute 26, the visitors had a deep foray into Lansdowne space but were thwarted by the robust efforts of Blake Mannion and Captain Mark Giordano. Newcomer Eoghan Maher cleared with a monstrous effort. The period ended with no score.

The second stanza saw the introduction of Lansdowne props Tom Murray and co-Man of the Match Chris Casacchio. The duo clicked immediately as they began to dominate the scrum and present a platform in which the backs could effectively attack.

In the 32nd minute co-Man of the Match Cathal McHenry offloaded to Mark Giordano, who promptly touched down for the 1st score of the match. The 48th minute saw the Yankees even the numbers due to some impressive work by their forwards.

Lansdowne responded in minute 55. Delf King pilfered the ball and passed to Austin Purcell. Center Purcell deftly offloaded to the advancing Blake Mannion, who pounded past a few would-be defenders and touched down, thereby giving Lansdowne a 5 point advantage.

Johnny Coghlan entered the match at the beginning of the third period and immediately made an impact as his clearance kicks kept the visitors pinned deep in their own territory.  In minute 70, Cathal McHenry gobbled up a loose ball and ran in from 10 meters out. The Johnny Coghlan conversion made it a 12 point lead. 

In minute 75, Brian "Foxy" Kealey impacted with a bullish effort and touched down. But the try of the match came in minute 88 as prop Tom Murray grabbed a loose ball and stiff armed a Yankee back into oblivion much to the delight of the Lansdowne sideline. Tom rumbled in from 25 meters and slammed down. Johnny Coghlan's conversion finished the numbers.

Lansdowne practices are held every Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 in Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers. All interested players should come on down or contact the Club at any of the following: website, email, or phone hotline (914)297-8429.  Next up for Lansdowne is a home game At Tibbetts against Suffolk.

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