Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge shocked the world this week by re-signing Kevin Garnett to a massive deal. Garnett received a three season deal from the Celtics worth $34 million. The deal will actually pay Garnett more per season than he received last season.

Bringing Garnett back wasn't a major shock, but giving him that big a deal and also making efforts to re-sign Ray Allen is.

Allen, as a premier shooter in the league, is tempted to join the Miami Heat who have offered him a two year deal worth $6 million. The Celtics have tried to off-set Allen's flirtation with Miami by doubling their offer with $6 million per season on a two year contract.

Whether Allen returns or not is unclear, but Garnett's place on the Celtics roster should prove to be very valuable.

Garnett's quality on the court last season was an unexpected surprise for the aged veteran, but that is not the reason he received such a large contract. Before Garnett was re-signed, the Celtics drafted two forwards in the form of Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo.

Along with Melo and Sullinger, the Celtics' back-court enters this season with very little experience and no leadership. Brandon Bass is a free agent, but likely to be re-signed. Bass would be the most experienced forward who the Celtics have on the roster outside of Garnett.

Bass essentially has no experience either however after spending most of his time in Orlando coming off the bench before starting last season for the Celtics. Bass is a good player and should be a very valuable part of the team if he is re-signed.

However he is not very vocal and wouldn't be classified as a leader in the same mold of Garnett.

Along with Bass, the Celtics most likely group of forwards will consist of Jajuan Johnson, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo. That would put Garnett at center for the forthcoming season at the very least.

Johnson was the Celtics' first round pick last season who the team have high expectations for. He is an athletic power forward who spent the majority of last season developing his game. Jeff Green is a free agent who the Celtics released last season after he had heart surgery. Green is healthy now and expected to be available this off-season.

Neither players are rookies, but both have a lot of development to endure and would benefit greatly from Garnett's intensity and commitment.

Sullinger and Melo will benefit from playing with Garnett for different reasons.

Sullinger never appeared to be the most aggressive of players on the court at Ohio State simply because of the way he plays. He will score in the NBA as a finesse big man but his resilience on the defensive end will need to improve.

The rookie should be motivated by his fall during the draft and if anyone is going to remind him of that motivation protagonist every single day it is Garnett. Garnett could light a fire in Sullinger that would see him develop into a vital piece for the Celtics if he can stay healthy.

Melo will benefit more from Garnett's technical experience and expertise opposed to his mental qualities. Melo enters the league with a similar style to that of Kendrick Perkins who previously spent some time developing under Garnett's wing.

Just like Perkins, Melo excels on the defensive end without being an impactful offensive threat. If Garnett can turn Melo into a dominant defender in the paint, then his contract will be worth every penny it is going to cost the Boston franchise.

Cian Fahey writes for the Guardian, Irishcentral, Steelersdepot and FFBLife. You can follow him on twitter @Cianaf