Joe Paterno will be fired from his position as coach of Penn State over the sex abuse scandal that has hit the campus like a whirlwind.

The New York Times has reported the news and it is the right decision by the Penn State board.

Paterno canceled a press conference shortly before it was due to be held.

While Paterno did not break any law, there is no doubt he failed to aggressively follow up a first hand report of a child sexual abuse incident in 2002 involving disgraced coach Jerry Sandusky now facing multiple child rape charges.

Paterno did pass the information on to the Athletic Director but his failure to actively pursue such a horrific report means he will be forced to step down.

It is not the way the 84-year -old legend wanted to end his career but the board was left with no choice.

Unlike the Catholic church in many dioceses who continued attempts to cover up pedophiles, the Penn State board has taken the issue head on and made the only decision that makes sense.

It is tragic end for Paterno but he only has himself to blame.