Police questioned former Sunderland manager Roy Keane last month following an incident while walking his dog.

Coppers were called to talk to the legendary Irish soccer star and another man in Bowdon, Manchester after an argument erupted following the actions of one of Keane’s dogs.

A source quoted in the Sunday Mirror said: "Keano's dog did something to offend someone... and it all kicked off.

"They exchanged angry words. He wanted police to take it further, but they did not think there was enough in it."

Police made no arrests at the scene of the argument.

Keane has two canine companions, his labrador Triggs, famous for providing his owner solace after he left the Irish Squad in Saipan in 2002, and a German shepherd he acquired last year.

The fiery midfielder resigned his position as Sunderland manager in December and has said that he hopes to get back into management in the summer.

Keane seems to be having a ruff time of it when he is not involved in football full time.