I had to cool off at some point. Does A-Rod hit a home run every time he’s up? 

I went 3-4 against the spread last week, bringing my season record to 39-23 (20-7 over the last four weeks).  Of course, there was the birdie; predicting Oregon to beat USC by double digits, and the bogey; taking VT to smoke UNC on Thursday night. 

Someone on the radio said the slew of games this weekend were lacking in the exceptional department. I beg to differ. 

Like always, we’ll start with the Irish. 

Navy @ Notre Dame (Saturday, 2:30 p.m. NBC)
The Domers are yet to face an offense quite like the triple option Navy runs.  Two weeks ago against Wake Forest, the Midshipmen didn’t attempt a single pass.  It sounds like their style plays right into the hands of the rush stopping Fighting Irish defense. So don’t be surprised if you see Ricky Dobbs put the ball in the air a lot more often. However, I just love the Irish in this game.  There’s so much excitement surrounding the return of superstar WR Mike Floyd and this is by far the most explosive offense Navy’s D has seen all year.  They’ll put up at least four touchdowns.  Prediction:  ND 33, Navy 17.

Virginia Tech @ East Carolina (Thursday Night)
Last Thursday night was such a heartbreaker for the Hokies, I don’t know whether they’ll rally or roll over tonight.  I do know this, though;  Ryan Williams is going to go crazy.  Like, Joker in “The Dark Night” crazy. He’s angry and he’s going to put up a career number. I’m thinking 200 to match his two touchdowns. Watch, you’ll see.  Prediction: VT 35, ECU 21

Oregon @ Stanford
Not really a game you want to play if you’re Oregon. You come off the tremendous win over USC, and then have to travel to play a very underrated Stanford team. The Cardinals had two weeks to prepare for the Ducks and they gotta be licking their chops for a chance to knock off the Pac-10 No. 1. But then there’s Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli. I mean, the guy rushed for 164 yards and threw for 222 against USC. He has the Oregon offense rolling like Lamborghini tires. However, this is the definition of a trap/letdown game. It has upset written all over it …Do I take the bait? Nope, not this time.  Prediction:  Oregon 34, Stanford 31.
Ohio State @ Penn State
I’ll be the first to admit it, I was huge on Terrelle Pryor before the season started. I thought this kid was going to dominate every Saturday, ever quarter. Not only has he not been the star I thought he would be, but his team already has two losses. Now he enters his home State of PA and into a hostile environment. It feels like these teams are identical.  Both play solid D, have capable offenses and seem to call the same offensive plays.  I'll give the edge to PSU, mainly because of Beaver Stadium.  Prediction: PSU 28, OSU 27.

LSU @ Alabama
If there’s one team that can beat Alabama right now, it’s LSU. Why?  Because (1) their stellar defense, (2) their secret weapon Russell Sheppard (two touchdowns in his last two games) and (3) they played Florida already.  That test against the Gators is exactly the preparation a team needs before a big upset. And even though this game is on the road, and Mark Ingram is on the other sideline, the talent and blueprints are in place to pull it off. Sorry Tide.  Prediction: LSU 20, ‘Bama 17 (OT).

Oklahoma @ Nebraska
Landry Jones is good for a couple. So is DeMarco Murray.  And so is the Sooner’s defense.  Prediction: OU 38, ‘Braska 20

Florida State @ Clemson
C.J. Spiller’s speed + Death Valley at night + win over Miami + C.J. Spiller’s speed + Florida State’s pathetic defense + ESPN nationally televised game = C.J. Spiller 400 total yards.  Prediction: Clemson 42, FSU 27