It shames me to say this (well, a little at least) but if I was doing a power 20 poll, the Fighting Irish still wouldn’t appear on the list, like my name at a Hollywood red carpet event.
  1. Florida (2-0) - Everyone and their mother has this weekend’s game circled on their mini refrigerator schedules. Tennessee has teased Florida coach Urban Meyer, which in turn has upset Tim Tebow. May god have mercy on those ol’ Volunteer souls.
  1. Texas (2-0) - Remember when Michael Crabtree caught the winning touchdown with one second left against Texas last year? Yeah, Colt McCoy remembers that too.
  1. USC (2-0) - They overtook ‘Bama at the No. 2 spot because of the obvious: RB Joe McKnight and QB Matt Barkley are complete studs. 
  1. Alabama (2-0) - The Tide will remain in this spot for at least another three weeks. That’s when they’ll either rise or fall with the result of their date with Ole Miss.
  1. BYU (2-0) - Florida State presents a true test for the Cougars. Hopefully. 
  1. Ole Miss (1-0) - After they dismantle Southeastern Louisiana this week, they’ll travel to South Carolina and Vandy, before heading back home to play Alabama. Ahh the life of a SECer.  
  1. California (2-0) - Minnesota presents a true test for the Bears. Hopefully.
  1. LSU (2-0) - Tough few weeks for the Tigers with road games at Miss State and Georgia, respectively. 
  1. Houston (2-0) - They deserve this spot, period. What other team on this list has a win against a top five team? That’s what I though. 
  1. Boise State (2-0) - It’s a lot of fun to watch the Broncos play tackle football. This Friday, everyone will get their chance as they take on Fresno State on ESPN. 
  1. Penn State (2-0) – I guess I have to put them in here, right? 
  1. Virginia Tech (1-1) - I could’ve put Ohio State in this spot. But the Hokies were lucky the quarter landed on heads. HUGE game this weekend against Nebraska.