Gary Deegan needs to watch his online language. The Irish footballer and member of Coventry City allegedly tweeted “Up the IRA” at teammate James McPake, who had been called up for service in Northern Ireland, three weeks ago. McPake was born in Scotland.

In response, Coventry City has suspended Deegan for two weeks while they investigate the matter.

"Coventry City confirm that Gary Deegan has been suspended from training for a period of two weeks whilst further investigations take place into comments on Twitter social networking site,” the Club said in an official statement. “Neither the player nor the club will be making any further statement whilst internal investigations are ongoing."

According to The Irish Independent, Deegan subsequently tweeted, "Everybody calm down. I apologise if I offended anybody -- was just taking the p***.”

Deegan continued, "No matter where you go in the world Irish people are loved #bestcountryintheworld. Proud to be an Irish man.[sic]"

Deegan’s Twitter account now appears to have been deactivated.

Coventry player Gary DeeganGoogle Images