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It was a sad night for the loyal fans of  "Derry Destroyer" John Duddy as one of Ireland's most promising boxers lost his grasp on any possible world title fight in the coming year.

Duddy bravely shrugged his shoulders at the fans as if to say "sorry guys don't know what happened" when it was announced that Billy Lyell would be notching this New Jersey fight on his belt and not Duddy.

Fans were devastated.

Dermot Leen, a County Leitrim export who lives in Philadelphia, told Irish Central he was "very disapointed" to see "John's career go down the swanny."

Leen, who has attended most of Duddy's New York fights said he came to New Jersey on Friday night expecting a win.

"The Lyell fella was an unknown. Duddy was the main man. I really don't know how he could let a lad with seven losses beat him. Very disappointing," said Leen.

Roger Bruce, a New Jersey Duddy fanatic, said "Duddy did his best. I don't think he expected the other guy to be so aggressive. This is just a setback. John Duddy will come back bigger and stronger next time out."

Die-hard Duddy fans disagreed. Lorcan Bailey from County Down said he was surprised that Duddy didn't fight harder.

"This has put John's career on hold big time. It may even kill it. The Lyell lad was not even close to the type of boxer Kelly Pavalik is and if John loses to a guy like that he will never win a world title," said a disgruntled Bailey.

"My heart breaks for Duddy," said Brenna Burke from Co. Cavan. "He didn't deserve to loose but he will be fine, he will win a world title yet you wait and see."

Duddy has beaten better fighters than Lyell in the past and Lyell was used to losing. He had lost seven out of his 25 professional fights yet somehow he overcame the Derry Destroyer and broke thousands of Irish hearts.