When the ladies equivalent of the Ryder Cup is held in Kileen Castle golf course in Dunsany, County Meath in September the world will get to see a unique Irish phenomenon, the fairty tree.

Fairty trees are part of Irish mythology, where the ancients fairies are said to have gathered and held their rituals. Evil spirits are cast on those who touch or damage them.

All over Ireland there are fairy trees that locals will refuse to knock, some even sitting in the middle of highways.

It is extremely bad luck to knock or replace a fairy tree and even golf legend Jack Nicklaus had to defer when he came across the Killeen Castle fairy tree when he originally designed the course.

The fairy tree was roped off from the beginning and could not be touched, a fact that puzzled the great golfer as he wanted the 12th fairway to run right through it.

However,local golf officials convinced him other wise and now the  tree continues as part of the 12th , just off the green.

The world will surely get to know it better when the European and US ladies clash there in September in what promises to be an epic struggle.

But woe betide anyone who disturbs the fairy tree. there are numerous examples of bad luck coming to people who knock or otherwise damage the sacred haunt of the age old fairies.

The Solheim Cup is on September 23rd-25th


Jack Nicklaus