The French footballer who cost Ireland its place in the world cup has injured a goalkeeper with his celebratory kick.

Thierry Henry who joined the New York Red Balls last month was in trouble Thursday night after his triumphant move left Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman with an injured knee.

After Red Bull’s Mehdi Ballouchy scored a goal against Dallas DC, Henry went to strike the ball again into the back of the net but Hartman got in the way. The goalkeeper suffered an injured medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

Speaking after the incident Henry said "He put his foot out there and that's how he got injured. That was unfortunate. I went to apologize at halftime because I didn't mean to hurt him. He put his foot out there and I just wanted to smash the ball back in the net. A pure accident. I told him I was sorry. He accepted it. It was one of those stupid things."

Despite his injury Hartman was very understanding about the incident."I'm not real sure exactly how it happened," Hartman said. "We'd given up the goal, obviously, and it was just one of those things where he wanted to get the ball back to midfield or whatever. Henry went to hit the ball and I tried to intercede, and unfortunately got hurt.”