An organized group of over 100 pundits each laid bets of €200 each, at odds of 14/1, and have pulled off one of the most audacious and successful Irish betting coups in recent book-making history.
And bookmakers have already reluctantly acknowledged the validity of the group bet: “It's a classic. They did nothing illegal,” said a representative of the Irish Bookmakers Association.
It’s believed that businessman Douglas Taylor, head of recruitment company MCR, was behind the move and was integral to recruiting the 100 pundits who each placed their bets at different locations around the country.
Up to 200 agency workers arrived at betting shops at 6.55pm on Monday evening, when an alarm on a watch sounded the signal to place the bets on D Four Dave.
They were given strict instructions to be at the counter before the alarm went off. They were told to tell staff they would take the odds available, which were as high as 14/1 before later falling to 5/1.
The bet was masterminded as such because had the bets been placed not simultaneously, at various times throughout the day, the odds offered by bookmakers would have eventually diluted, as bookies would have become wary of the prospect of a massive payout, such as the one which they’re now facing.
The locations where the bets were placed at were all believed to be in counties Dublin and Kildare.
Although the exact figure of the winnings isn’t known, it’s believed to be in the region of €200,000 ($244780).

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