On Saturday US player Heather O'Reilly scored a spectacular goal which nabbed the US team a 3-0 against Columbia in the Women's World Cup. Just two games into the competition and so far the team has scored five goals.

Unfortunately it looks like O'Reilly will have to stay on the bench for their next game against Sweden due to an injury to her left groin. The 26-year-old player said she got the injury during the 60th minute against Columbia.

Speaking to the New York Times about her Saturday goal she said "It was just pure instinct; those are the kind of shots you hit in training and everyone stands around and cheers as they sail high. But it was a huge match, a World Cup."

She continued "The ball came off a defender, and I saw the goalkeeper a little out of position and let it fly. It was the nicest goal of my career, so far. There was a little bit of disbelief on my part. But then it was wow, that was pretty awesome. I’m proud of it.”

Having beat North Korea and Columbia a win or a tie would bring the United States team to the first place in the group and into the quarter finals against Norway, Australia or Germany. Being in second place would mean facing the Brazilian team, the strongest team in the competition.

Speaking about the team's future in the competition she said "More than anything, it’s about momentum…We are out to win tomorrow, want to finish first and send a message to the rest of the world.”

Heather O'Reilly playing against Columbia in the Women's World CupGoogle Images