Padraig Harrington has said he is not worried that Rory McIlory has not played any golf since his US Open runaway win.

He was speaking after former Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie stated he felt McIlroy should have played at least once.

"He's very familiar with links golf and he will play quite a bit of links golf in those three weeks at home," three-time major winner Harrington said Tuesday. "In terms of getting used to it, that shouldn't be an issue. He doesn't seem to have any issue in terms of competitiveness not playing.

"He knows what he's doing. If you can win by eight shots by not playing the week before, I'd stick to that routine."

Montgomerie stated on Monday that McIlroy could find himself "mentally tired"

"There are going to be so many people wanting to congratulate him. Whether it was (last week's) French Open or the Scottish Open (starting Thursday), he could have got that out of his system and out of the way so he can start the Open afresh," said Montgomerie, "Now he's got that ahead of him."

Harrington said McIlroy woud be prepared

"There's always that external stuff building up and it does make it harder," he said

"But the advantage is, if you get through that and you get to the last nine holes and you are in contention, the fact you have done it before and you've already got one certainly eases the pressure on you."