Micheal John McCarthy, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, is suddenly coaching lights out and showing the NFL that he may be the best of the best.

Sure there's genius Bill Belichick,who has not won a super bowl since his tactics of filming the opposition practices was revealed and there's Rex Ryan who is more an opera character than a real football coach.

Then there's Mike McCarthy who has the Green Bay Packers on a roll after a magnificent victory over Atlanta a week after pounding Philadelphia on their own home field.

He will certainly not fear the Chicago bears or the Seattle Seahawks in the championship game.

McCarthy also deserves kudos for getting rid of Brett Favre at the time when the Packers legend had become a massive pain in the ass.

His replacement, Aaron Rodgers seems set to have Packers fans forget all about the Great One with the way he is playing. Brett who?
McCarthy, an Irish Catholic kid from Pittsburgh, cradle of so many great coaches and players, is on his way to the Super Bowl.

He may not have a foot fetish, tape opposition practices or be the best communicator on television.

But his teams can sure play.