Dublin played like a team that was mourning the departure of U2 today as they rolled over and died against Kerry.

The final score at Croke Park was 1-24 to 1-07.

But the score belies the fact that there have been some memorable tussles between the two great GAA teams over the years.

Today’s lopsided defeat marks the fifth time the two teams have met this decade, and the fifth time the men from the capital have failed to win. However, that nature of today’s defeat was so thorough and so embarrassing that their fans booed them off the field and began to leave the stadium at half-time.

Bank Holiday Monday in Ireland was meant to be Dublin’s big chance to put the green and gold hoodoo behind them. They failed miserably. Kerry attacked them immediately and scored a goal almost directly from the start. They took off from there and proceed to play a mesmerizing half of football, out muscling, outplaying and outscoring them by 1-14 to 0-03.

The second period was a mere procession as Kerry played exhibition football, while Dublin tried to restore a little pride for the fans who hung around. Though the men from the Kingdom have won nothing after today’s victory, the message they are sending out to the remaining teams is clear and concise, underestimate us at your peril.

Results between Dublin and Kerry this decade:

Kerry 1- 24 Dublin 1-07   All-Ireland quarter-final  2009

Kerry 1-15 Dublin 0-16 All-Ireland semi-final  2007

Kerry 1-15  Dublin 1-8 All-Ireland quarter-final 2004

Kerry 2-12  Dublin 1-12 quarter-final replay 2001

Kerry 1-14 Dublin 2-11 All-Ireland quarter-final 2001

70s/80s: Different decade, different rivalry

The 70s and 80s was a very different decade for this rivalry. Names like Kevin Heffernan, Mick O’Dwyer, Jimmy Keavney, Mikey Sheehy are but a few of the legends that graced the game and enhanced their legacies through magic moments in games between the two teams.

The two sides dominated All-Ireland title wins in the late 70s and early 80s in a golden time for football. Kerry won the Sam Maguire in 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, while Dublin won the All Ireland title '74, '76, '77 and '83. Ten  years of uninterrupted Kerry or Dublin wins was only hijacked by Offaly, who denied Kerry an historic five-in-a-row when Seamus Darby scored a last minute goal to break Kerry hearts. Here are the results between the two teams from that fantastic decade:

1975  All-Ireland Final Kerry 2-12 - 0-11 Dublin
Captain Mikey Ned O'Sullivan was poleaxed early in the game by the Dublin defense and had to be taken to hospital. Kerry would go on to win the final and Paidi O'Se accepted the Cup on O'Sullivan's behalf.
1976  All-Ireland Final  Dublin 3-08 - 0-10 Kerry
Kevin Moran, who would go on to be a successful soccer player, win an FA Cup medal and represent the Republic of Ireland at the 1990 World Cup, starred for the Dubs who gained revenge for the defeat the year before.
1977  All-Ireland  Semi -final  Dublin 3-12 – 1-13 Kerry
Dublin again defeated Kerry, this time in the semi final in another epic match.  The Dubs went on the defeat Armagh in the final by 21 points.
1978  All-Ireland Final   Kerry  5-11 - 0-09  Dublin
Kerry clearly have learned the lessons from consecutive defeats, and came out and hammered the Dubs in a game that will forever be remembered for Mikey Sheehy's lob over Paddy Cullen.
1979  All-Ireland Final   Kerry 3-13 - 1-08 Dublin
The golden generation of Kerry continued tho beat all and sundry and the Dubs could not stop their incredible jounry into the annals of GAA history.
1984  All-Ireland Final   Kerry 0-14 - 1-06 Dublin
1985  All-Ireland Final   Kerry 2-12 - 2-08 Dublin
Though the Kerry legs were beginning to fade, the legends still had enough to squeeze past their rivals in the '84 and '85 finals.  

What Dublin would give to have a manager like Heffernan today.  Dublin last won the All Ireland in 1995, while Kerry have remained consistently strong and won or played in the last five All Ireland finals.

Where go The Dubs go from here?