All-Ireland winning Donegal boss Jim McGuinness has spoken out against the 18 rule changes for Gaelic football proposed by the GAA’s Football Review Committee.

McGuinness is against the many changes put forward by the committee and has asked why it was needed in the first place.

He told the Irish Sun, “You’d have to question why the committee was set up in the first place. The rules are changing all the time and I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. I don’t see a whole lot wrong with the game.

“For me, it’s a very good spectacle, yet they’re tinkering with it all the time. You just don’t see that happening in other sports so much.”

McGuinness is against the idea of players being substituted once they have received a yellow card.
He added, “If you bring it down to one card and you’re dismissed, it could be a disaster.

“Sometimes the player is lost in the whole process. They are training for six or nine months or however long, then what happens if you get into a situation where someone grabs your arm as they are going down and fires you across his body and sells a dummy to the referee? You are the guy who gets sent off because you have one yellow card.

“How is that going to be legislated for? I don’t see that being practically enforced. I think it is too dangerous in terms of genuine players getting the line for nothing. I see players now being sent off for two yellow cards and you are thinking he did nothing for that second yellow.”
Surgery for Shefflin
KILKENNY star Henry Shefflin is to undergo surgery on a broken foot and will miss the start of the NHL campaign next year.

Shefflin picked up the injuring playing for Ballyhale Shamrocks in the Leinster Senior Hurling championship semi-final defeat to Oulart-The Ballagh.

Shefflin admitted, “I can’t believe I’m facing into surgery again because I was really looking forward to an injury-free winter. I’ll hopefully have the operation in early January and it’ll be two months on crutches after that. I suppose it’s not the worst time of year for it to happen.

“Put it this way, if you offered me at the start of the year to have the season I had, but I’d need a foot operation at the end of it, I’d have taken your hand off.”
Fermanagh Supports Quinn
DELEGATES to the Fermanagh County Convention voted in favor of a motion supporting jailed businessman Sean Quinn and his family. The statement read, “Sean Quinn and the Quinn Group has been a very generous supporter of the

Fermanagh GAA family for a long time and his exceptional innovative skills have brought great benefits to all Fermanagh people.”

Delegates also expressed concern regarding the future of employment under the direction of the current management who now control the Quinn Group.

“Fermanagh GAA wishes to express their best wishes to Sean and his family at this time and hope that 2013 will bring a favorable conclusion for the Quinn family in their present difficulties,” the statement added.

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