The Irish American owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Frank McCourt has apologized to fans over the mess the team is in because of his bitter divorce.

I'd like to apologize to fans to say, `I'm sorry,'" McCourt said .

"I'm sorry that my personal mess has affected their lives and their enjoyment of supporting the Dodgers. I'm sorry that I've been a source of embarrassment for them."

McCourt says getting a new television contract for his team is critical and he needs clarity on what baseball commissioner Bud Selig will do next after announcing he wanted to remove McCourt from ownership.

"It's preposterous to think we are going out and have a Plan B or a Plan C with baseball sending in somebody that nobody is quite sure whether they are a receiver or a monitor or what their role is and we have a transaction completely negotiated and done," McCourt said.

"At some point in time if the transaction isn't approved, of course there's going to be a financial situation that has been precipitated by the lack of approval."