Former Ireland manager Brian Kerr has said, "It was ridiculous to think that the game might be replayed" against France and that it was never on the cards.

Kerry spoke as thousands were set to gather in Dublin to protest at the French embassy in Dublin over the decision not to replay the World Cup game against France.

Kerr joins former Irish captain Roy Keane who has also been outspoken on the chances of a replay going ahead.

Their comments came despite an admission by Thierry Henry, the player involved, that he did handle the ball in the critical situation that led to the French winning goal.

However the Football Association of Ireland has now accepted that there will no replay and that despite up to 500,0000 Irish fans joining protests on Facebook the matter is now over

Kerr said it that "despite the bitter disappointment" it was "unrealistic to think we would get a replay of Wednesday's controversial World Cup play-off against France."

He said it was now time to move on.