Irish soccer star Stephen McPhail capped a fairytale return to soccer Wednesday as his team are now within 90 minutes of a shot at the English premiership.

McPhail helped Cardiff to a nerve-wracking victory against Leicester just three months after he finished treatment for cancer.

He was diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in October and underwent surgery and radiotherapy treatment.

"I had my last treatment session only a few months ago," he said, "so to be playing again in a big game like this is a dream come true - a real fairytale."

"It's a big shock when you are told you have cancer, but you can't just lie down and let it take over your life.

"I had a taste of the Premier League early in my career with Leeds and I feel like I have unfinished business there."

McPhail's team face Blackpool in the playoffs at Wembley after defeating Leicester 4-3 on penalties.