The referee who refused to allow a Frank Lampard goal which crossed over two feet behind the German goal-line and his team of second officials have not been retained to officiate at further matches in this year’s World Cup in South Africa.
Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda and assistants Mauricio Espinosa and Pablo Fandino were collectively told that they wouldn’t be needed as referees for the quarter-finals and beyond.
In a remarkable move FIFA president Sepp Blatter was forced to apologize to the Enlgish Football Association over the dud call.
Video analysis of the shot showed that after bouncing off the crossbar it had crossed over two feet past the German goal-line.
English manager Fabio Capello is said to be still “raging” at the decision back home.
Blatter may also make a U-turn on his previous refusal to consider the introduction of video technology to international football matches and at major tournaments.
“I deplore it when you see evident referee mistakes and it is obvious that after the experience so far in this World Cup it would be a nonsense to not reopen the file of technology at the business meeting of the International FA Board in July,” said international football’s top dog.

Italian referee Roberto Rosetti and his assistants were also politely fired from further participation in the World Cup after they allowed a Mexican goal which was scored from a clearly offside position.
19 referees, including an English one, are remaining in South Africa. It’s not yet known who will have control over the officiating of the lucrative World Cup final.

Wayne Rooney having words with Jorge Larrionda