Controversial TV pundit Eamon Dunphy has branded Roy Keane a ‘bit of an ass’ – just years after writing Keane’s best selling biography.

Dunphy has also accused the former Manchester United and Ireland captain of becoming a ‘rent-a-quote’ in his new role as a TV pundit.

In typical Dunphy fashion, he then urged Irish state broadcaster RTE to hire Keane as a fellow pundit for next summer’s European Championships in Poland.


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RTE football presenter Bill O’Herlihy has already appealed to his bosses to lure Keane from British station ITV ahead of the Euro 2012 tournament, an appeal backed by Dunphy.

“Roy Keane is box office, up to a point. But he tends to see everything through his own perspective and I think he’s become a bit of an ass to be honest with you,” Dunphy told the Irish Independent.

“I’d be delighted to see the interaction between Liam Brady, John, Bill, myself and him but it’s not my call. In my opinion he’s become a bit of a rent-a-quote.

“I’ve no idea if RTE are in talks with Roy. But I think Bill has good journalistic instinct and he’d be thinking if we had Roy Keane, it would be a good move.”

Frontman O’Herlihy said: “A person I would love to have on the panel would be Roy Keane. He would create huge waves if he came on. You never know he might in the Europeans. We’ll see.”