Driver Michael McDowell says Danica Patrick's NASCAR crash was all his fault.
Patrick, who is leaving NASCAR for a few months as she returns to the IndyCar Series, collided with McDowell on lap 83 last Saturday and was quick off the mark to tell him it was his fault.
She got out of her racecar and told McDowell, who had a blown-out tire, that he ruined her day.
McDowell took full responsibility for the crash at the time.
"I knew there was nothing I could say that was going to make the situation easy," McDowell said Tuesday.
"Our sport is like this. If you wreck Danica or you wreck Dale Jr., there's not a whole lot that you're going to say that's going to get you out of a mess. I hadn't seen the replay. I hadn't heard her comments on TV. It was the right thing to do to take the blame."
However, McDowell said once she saw the footage back of the crash he said it could have been either of their faults and could have been prevented.