Danica Patrick,was booed after complaining about her car and her team during qualification for the Indy 500 next weekend.

The Irish American racer only qualified 23rd with a four-lap average of 224.217 mph on Saturday.

This is her sixth attempt at winning the Indianapolis 500 race and she was expected to qualify much higher.

She was shaking after the race after having problems controlling her car.

Reports said she was choking back tears after being booed when she gave an interview over the public address system blaming team and car problems.

“I was shaking for minutes after I got out of the car,” Patrick said after the race on Saturday. “I know a lot of people are saying they’re loose, and I’m sure they are for sure, but this is such an uncomfortable imbalance.”

“I say one confident thing out there, that it’s not me, and everybody boos me,” she said. “I don’t know, maybe they were booing me before, but some of them were probably cheering for me before. I’m not a different driver than I was five years ago.”