As various soccer clubs in Ireland announce the banning of hooligans from future football games the Celtic football club is following suit saying it may ban the fans who unveiled an anti-poppy banner at their home game last weekend.

The banner said, ‘Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan. No bloodstained poppy on our Hoops.'

Celtic and the Scottish Premier League are supposedly launching separate investigations into the fans and the display of the banner.

Celtic said they are contemplating giving a lifetime ban to those responsible for the banner.

Club chairman and Ex-Defense Secretary Dr John Reid was deeply offended by the demo with club spokesman saying the action had “embarrassed Celtic and tarnished the club”, adding “These actions have no place at Celtic Park.”

A Royal British Legion Scotland spokesman said: “Any disrespect shown to the memory of the fallen has always been the work of a minority. Celtic and their supporters have a long record of serving their country … as fine as that of any club.”


Fans of Celtic FC