Fox sports are calling for Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly to be canned after the death of young junior Declan Sullivan,(pictured), who was taping practice when the lift he was on collapsed.

Others are claiming Kelly was negligent because Sullivan and every other cog and wheel in the football program is his responsibility.

To which I say no way.

Sometimes tragedies happen, without reason or rationale. We have a blame culture going here in America, someone has to be responsible and a lot of lawyers get rich on that reality.

That someone is not Brian Kelly on this occasion.

What we had here was what insurance claim experts call 'An Act of God'

A young man lost his life senselessly in an accident that defies explanation.

But let's not blame Coach Kelly for what occurred.

Let there be a thorough investigation into what happened and where, if any, the responsibility lies.

Kelly was doing his job, overseeing his football squad. He is responsible for every one of those players from soup to nuts in every practice, in every game.

He is not responsible for everything else.

To claim otherwise is absurd.

Declan Sullivan is dead, a tragic loss that must be a massive heart breaker for all his family.

But playing the blame game diminishes his death and his clearly extraordinary life.

The calls for Kelly to resign are ridiculous