Brian Kelly cannot be pleased that Buffalo have taken their new head coach Jeff Quinn from under his nose.

His former offensive coordinator was a key hire once the season ended and he had led Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.

Right after the script was for Quinn to join his old boss and build an offensive machine at Notre Dame the likes of which had not been seen since -.. well the one they built together at Cincinnati.

Then the script got thrown away and Quinn ended up with the University of Buffalo Bulls and Kelly ended up empty handed.

Curses. The only sure thing is that Cincinnati will lose their Sugar Bowl bid against Florida.

They have a coach who left them, an interim coach who is about to leave and his replacement, Butch Jones, who is standing idly by while the college plays its biggest game in years if not ever.

Meanwhile, every Cincinnati coach is wondering if they will get a call from Kelly to join him in the promised land.Salaries at Notre Dame are many times what an assistant can earn at Cincinnati.Kelly has a reputation for being loyal to his staff.

The Cincinnati players must wonder what evil God they crossed to be playing a game in such an uncertain mode.

Take Florida and the spread.

Meanwhile blame college football however, which insists on recruitment season before the bowl games and makes it impossible for a head coach to finish out the season with his side.