The way they came out playing at South Bend it seemed at first look that Brian Kelly had brought back the happy days to Notre Dame football.

The 2010 edition acted and played differently from the Charlie Weis teams who could always be depended on for a major mistake at a critical point in the game.

But by the end of the second half the jury was still out on that.

Even though Notre Dame won, the creepy music from the Weis days --- you know when the Twilight Zone theme took over and weird stuff started happening---- is still hovering around South Bend.

In the first half Kelly looked like he had exorcized the demons as his team played flawless take away football.

Then leading twenty to three and with the game seemingly won the Irish conceded a safety and then a touchdown and Purdue were within a score.

Michael Floyd had previously fumbled the ball on his way into the end zone.

Suddenly the bad old days seemed back.

Against a better team the slip ups might have proven fatal but Kelly has seemingly proven one thing on the basis of this game.

This Notre Dame defense will be no pushover like last year’s.

They buckled down and forced Purdue mistakes and eventually the Irish ran out easy enough winners.

Still, when you thought they might just have a blowout game, when leading 20-3 and deep in Purdue territory it all started to go ominously wrong.

Hopefully just a minor glitch and the important thing is they have the victory.

But it was still a Scary Movie for a while there.