Coming soon – the Brian Kelly boot camp from hell at Notre Dame.

The South Bend Tribune has details of how hard Kelly will drive the players in the coming months – and the plain vanilla nice guy we have all been seeing since he was chosen coach is about to disappear.

In its place will be a slave driver utterly committed to the task on hand of building a BCS bowl contender. 

"The best way I would describe it is this program is not broke," Kelly told beat reporters Tuesday. "But some things need to get fixed."

Do they ever. But look what Kelly is planning.

Boot Camp or Camp Kelly. Why does he feel the need to do it? “Gauge, gauge, gauge the commitment level," Kelly said. "I need to find out how important it is for you to be a football player at Notre Dame.

"If it's more important for you to be just a student, that's great. Last I checked, tuition, room and board was $51,000, and over a five-year period, that's a quarter of a million dollars.

"I'm not trying to equate that to that's what you get paid, but that's a huge investment. So Camp Kelly gauges and prioritizes your lifestyle.

"It really is an opportunity for our players to show what I think are some of the more important principles of playing winning football — and that is physical and mental toughness. It's a tough game. It's a tough game for tough guys."

He also had the slightest of digs at his predecessor who was rarely seen away form the athletic complex. Kelly is a far more rounded person.

 "First, it's nice to see a football coach come over here," he related. "There were a couple of entities on campus that hadn't seen a football coach in some time. So I think it's important that the football coach is not bunkered down... I think it's important to be part of this community, because there's so much passion for football here. I think it's important that they can reach out and touch you a little bit."