Brian Kelly, the new head coach at Notre Dame, is tweeting out to Fighting Irish fans to keep them up to date.

Kelly's latest Twitter post on his CoachBrianKelly page says he is thrilled with finally getting his staff together. “Finished putting together staff and couldn’t be more pleased.”

Kerry Cooks, Tim Hinton and Ed Warinner are the top tips to fill out the coaching staff while Paul Longo will likely be strength and conditioning coordinator.

Back in December Kelly said he would be building on virtual and real-time networks to improve outreach between his office and the university.

“I think it is important that the football coach is not bunkered down in the Gug (the football offices). It’s important to be part of this community. There is so much passion for football here, I think it’s important that they can reach out and touch you a little bit.”

Cincinnati wouldn't have lost as badly if Brian Kelly had been there.