Until the Michigan loss last week it is doubtful if a loss hurt more than the last second defeat to Michigan State last year.

Remember the scenario with seconds left instead of having Don Conroy kick a 46-yard field goal for a tie in extra time Coach Dantonio called for a fake field goal on 4th-and-13 from the Notre Dame 29 – and pulled off a touchdown.

Notre Dame were stunned, every bit a much as they were last week against Michigan.

Now they know they cannot afford another loss to Michigan State and start the season 0-3.

Something has to change and a bit of old fashioned Irish luck would surely help.

Under Brian Kelly the team seems snake bitten.

Think back to the start of the fourth quarter last week with the ball on fourth and one and Michigan fumbled but Dennard recovered to score the touchdown.

Nine times out of ten when you fumble that close to the goal line it’s a turnover.

Not for Brian Kelly’s team however.

They came into the Michigan state game last year after a last second loss and they will do the same this year.

But Kelly is a year older and hopefully wiser. But the fact is that last year’s mistakes were far more justifiable than this years.

It was Kelly’s first season, getting to know the players and seeking to win their confidence.

By the end of last season he seemed to have achieved all that as they blew past opponents, yet this year it appears to have reverted to that error-strewn early season play again