Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson told the press yesterday he had no regrets about leaving soccer star Wayne Rooney out of his team at Everton on Saturday and that he also has no concerns about Roney facing Rangers today.

Ferguson said his decision at the weekend was based on his desire to shield Rooney from the venomous attack he anticipated from the home supporters at Goodison Park. Today on home soil Rooney will play the Scottish champions.

'I have no regrets. I did the right thing,' Ferguson said. 'And I have no concerns about playing him at all.'

Some commentators have suggested that Ferguson may have left Rooney out as punishment over off-field allegations made against him last week. But the United boss insists that's not the case. 'I have no need to clear it up,' he said.

'I explained the reasons on Saturday. There is nothing beyond that. I don’t know if tomorrow will inspire him. He has a lot of experience behind him. But I do know scoring for England last week will have given him a boost.'