Twitter has become a phenomenon. Since its inception back in 2006, it has exploded into a global social networking and microbloging obsession with over 105,779,710 users and 300,000 new users every day.

It's used as a PR tool, an information sharing device, and for communication.

The site allows user to answer the question "What are you doing?" in 140 characters or less.

You've heard of the gift of the gab right? Well you'd be amazed what the Irish can do with just 140 characters.

The Irish have certainly never been ones to shy away from new and Twitter is no different. The top 100 Twitter users are smattered with a good dose of Irish Americans.

Here's  a list of the top ten:

1. Barack Obama  - President of the United States - 5,327,416 followers

The President of the United States is quite a busy man and Twitter is a great was for him to constantly keep in touch with the general populous. Obama uses his Twitter account to give three or four message each day.

He informs his followers of where he is what he's working one and even gives short snappy summations of his speeches. For example "I don’t believe we can have a strong and growing economy without a strong and growing middle class."

Although many may doubt that Obama has Irish heritage, it is true. Obama's great-great-great-grandfather, Fulmuth Kearney emigrated to America from the small rural village of Moneygall, County Offaly in 1850.

2. Ellen DeGeneres - Talk show host of "The Ellen Show" - 5,185,916 followers

Ellen DeGeneres has an afternoon talk show called "The Ellen Show" she's also a judge on "American Idol" and she's going to be on location at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards.

She keeps entirely up to date with her fans by twitting pictures or videos to each other. She also uses the account to promote her next projects such as attending the VMAs.

She was born in Metairie, Louisiana and she is of French, English, German and Irish descent.

3. Mariah Carey - Pop star - 3,234,118 followers

The pop diva also uses her Twitter to keep in touch with fans while she's on tour or even when she's just hanging out at home.

Recently she kept very quiet on her Twitter when there were rumors that she was pregnant however, it seems that using Twitter she can choose what she keeps quiet or not. This week she was going on about her husband, comedian Nick Cannon wearing a mullet wig around the house or simply asking her husband to call her.

Her mother was Irish American and her father was of Afro-Venezuelan and African American descent

4. Jimmy Fallon - Late-night talk show host - 2,818,566 followers

Jimmy Fallon has a massive following and the comedian and late night talk show host seems to simply use his account like his personal email sharing jokes and videos and chatting about fantasy football.

However, he was also the host for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards and he used his Twitter to contact the masses and drum up support. After the fact he tweeted "Thank you guys for making the Emmy opening today's most viewed video on YouTube!!!

5. Paris Hilton - Millionaire heiress and socialite - 2,631,922 followers

Twitter is an invaluable tool for Paris Hilton not only can she deny her latest drug charges but she recently took photos of a man being arrested having attempted to break into her house. She also posts regular photographs of herself online.

She's a regular poster keeps her fan base informed of almost her every move. For example, she tweeted "Had a movie night in bed with my love, now going to sleep. Sweet dreams everyone. Love Paris xoxo" Too much information? Perhaps.

The New York City born socialite is the eldest of four children and has Norwegian, German, English, Irish, and Italian ancestry.

6. Al Gore  - Author, businessman and environmental activist - 2,167,012 followers

Al Gore uses his Twitter almost purely as an information sharing platform. Almost all of his tweets are just a headline and a tiny url to match. Effective it is too. With over 2 million followers who could complain.

Some of his recent tweets read "Another climate denial myth answered," "Race around the world," and "Learn more about the Koch brothers"

Al Gore's paternal ancestors were Scots-Irish who first settled in Virginia in the mid 17th-century and moved to Tennessee after the Revolutionary War.

7. Mandy Moore - Actress -2,062,915 followers

Mandy Moore's Twitter account ranges from talking about what work she's involved in to how she's spending the afternoon walking with her dog and watching TV. However, she then uses it as a platform to promote various topics like pollution or preventing deaths from malaria.

And then it goes right back the other way today tweeting "Starting my day by blasting my hubby's bad-ass III/IV record. Hell yah!"

Moore's father is of Irish and Cherokee descent and her mother of English and Jewish.

8. Brooke Burke - V personality, Host, Momprenuer - 1,744, 884 followers

Is a TV host, currently for "Dancing with the Stars" a journalist and co-CEO of Modernmom. She uses her Twitter to promote her website and to keep in touch with her fans. A mother of four she also shares information and photos of her four kids with her fans,

Burke is used to big families being the eldest of nine kids. She is Jewish and of Irish, French, and Portuguese ancestry.

9. Stephen Colbert - Comedian / TV host - 1,719,073 followers

Colbert is a constant wise cracking comedian and his Twitter and website simply act as an extension of his show "The Colbert Report".

He comments on political goings on, guests he has on the show or anything else that might take his fancy.

Some of his more recent tweets included "Can't believe Petraeus made an appearance on the show. Some people will do any lifetime of military service to get on TV," "I believe Sexy Hotdog Man was cobbled together from hooves and lips of other mascots" and "The unedited version of the Biden interview lasted 28 hours. That guy can talk.

Colbert is from an Irish Catholic family in South Carolina where he grew up with his 11 siblings. It is believed that his family came to the U.S. during the famine.

10. John McCain - Senior United States Senator - 1,716,932 followers

The currently governor of Arizona he uses Twitter to help his followers keep track of exactly where he is. He also posts new articles which he feels his followers would be interested such as "politico Eight of the 10 most-followed Twitter accounts on Capitol Hill belong to Republicans, a study finds."

McCain's family tree includes Scots-Irish and English ancestors.