With The Gathering in progress, these ten cats can’t wait to visit Ireland and see all that it has to offer.

There's just so much to do in Ireland this year with the Gathering Ireland 2013, in full swing, that these crazy cats are simply getting a wee bit excited.

As we all know these evil genius kitty pretty much rule the internet so we've put together a comprehensive list of what these silly kitty plans to get up on their travels to the Emerald Isle.

From the culture, to the banter and "craic" in the pub here's our list! Well what else did you think cats would be doing!

Some of them have decided to skip the Aer Lingus flight.

Once they get there, they’ll listen to some traditional music.

They’ll chat with the locals and others visiting for The Gathering.

Explore the Irish landscape.

They’ll pick up a “cupla focal” (a couple words) in Irish.

They will try the local cuisine.

And hang out in the pubs.

(Photo: College Humor)

They’ll learn about Irish culture, literature, and film.

And they will try Irish dancing.

They’ll dance a lot really.

And make some friends along the way.

(Photo: WorldIrish)