See photos: Spectacular photography of Ireland by Damien Stenson

Irish photographer Damien Stenson recently captured this phenomenal photograph of the Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare. His photographs include breathtaking images of the landscape of Ireland, as well as some of the countries most iconic spots, such as the Cliffs of Moher and Clonmacnoise. 

“I always try to look for an image thats never been done before at night,” Stenson told IrishCentral.

Stensen explained: “The colors I get at night are something that you never see during the day which is something that adds to the feel of the images.”

“I always look at something in the day and ask myself, 'what would this look like at night with the Milky way rising etc'.  It's challenging at times to find a new way to look at the same sight you're familiar with but that is what challenges me at the moment.” 

Stenson has captured other stunning photographs in his career. Three weeks earlier he had taken a photo of meteors over the ancient edifice of O’Brien’s Tower, also in the west of Ireland.

The meteor shower occurred about 11pm and was visible across Ireland. His photograph captured the moment right before the fireballs hit the Atlantic Ocean.

He explained: “I was down at the Cliffs of Moher taking pictures of O'Briens tower when out of no-where appears  9-10 Meteors flying slowly across the sky. I froze on the spot realising what I was witnessing and I proceeded to grab my torch and photograph the picture which received a lot of attention last month attention last month.”

Irish fans and amateur photographers aren’t the only ones interested in Stenson’s photography. The British Astronomical Association (BAA) contacted Stenson to help their investigators identify what exactly was flying through the sky that night and the trajectory of the path of flight. Stenson gave them a higher resolution image of the photo so they could count the number of different trails in the image.

“The picture was requested by the British Astronomical Association to help them with their investigation of the fireball. The same picture has been used by 'Sky & Telescope" one of the worlds most reputable astronomy magazines.”

Whether for pure pleasure or astronomical research, Stenson’s photos display some the true beauty of Ireland and increasingly getting the attention they deserve.

You can see more of Stenson’s amazing photographs of Ireland and other parts of the world on his site.

He also has a fan page on facebook

Stenson is also a musician. He plays the flute and can be heard on RTE’s tv show “The Reel Deal” premiering this fall. Stenson is a member of the traditional Irish music group, Teada, the word for “strings” in the Irish language. Teada’s official page is

See photos: Spectacular photography of Ireland by Damien Stenson


Moon setting on the Cliffs of Moher, taken 21st September.Damien Stenson