It is true that we Irish don’t have the same tradition of eccentrics and craziness as our English neighbors have. But nevertheless, as Neil Horan has shown, there is no shortage of oddballs in Ireland. Here are three people - including Horan - who really should have thought twice before saying - or doing anything that might be recorded!

Neil Horan

Corneilus “Neil” Horan (aka the Dancing Priest) made a name for himself in spectacular fashion during the 2003 Formula One British Grand Prix. Wearing an orange kilt, a green waistcoat, and green socks pulled up to his knees, Horan ran on to the race track, forcing cars travelling at speeds of up to 185 mph to avoid him. He was waving banners saying, “Read the Bible, The Bible is Always Right." A star was born.

The Dancing Priest is convinced that the Second Coming is on its way. And he has felt it his duty to warn the general public to get ready. Preferably at large sporting occasions.

Horan was kicked out of the priesthood for his unconventional religious views. With his trademark kilt, ginger wig, had made a name for himself as the “Dancing Priest”, Roman collar and Star of David, apparently doing his “peace dances.” (He once wrote to Saddam Hussein and offered to perform one of these peace dances for him and his family.)

In the 2004 Olympic marathon at Athens, as Brazilian runner Vanderlei de Lima was in front shortly before the 22 mile mark, he was pushed by Horan into the crowds. Horan was wearing a sign saying, "The second coming is near, says the Bible." De Lima lost about 20 seconds in the race, but still managed to win a bronze medal.

And Horan was at it again during the soccer World Cup finals in Berlin, 2006: he was arrested after he declared that he planned to light a candle honoring Hitler, and carry placards saying that Hitler was a great leader who fulfilled Biblical prophecies.

Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes achieved his 15 minutes of fame when he walked on the set of the TV chat show called "The Late, Late Show," one of the most popular programs on Irish TV. "You are a censor, how dare you.” Stokes, dressed in blue jeans and a brown leather jacket, told the stunned talk show host, Pat Kenny. “You and Gay Byrne [the previous presenter of the show] are insufferable arseholes. You're an arsehole. You're a piece of s**t." He later admitted he had had “one or two drinks” before crashing the set of the show.

The show quickly cut to an ad break, but the YouTube clip proved to be a big hit, with almost 340,000 views.

Either days later, he drove his car through the front doors of the Irish TV station, RTE. Which is rather ironic for a man with an apparent obsession with road safely. It is thought that his fixation with the TV station originally started when he felt that they were ignoring a computer-based program which he said could prevent all road deaths. (By installing a GPS system so that cars would drive themselves – he tried to sell his invention for $6.5m)

While out on bail, Stokes plastered walls near Pat Kenny’s house, with the menacing warning "Paul Stokes is still here, but Pat Kenny may not be soon."

Stokes was later charged with harassing the RTE star, charges which were later dropped. The other two charges relate to placing posters on a wall outside Pat Kenny home on December 16 and on Christmas Eve. It was also alleged that Stokes had daubed slogans

He was later sentenced for two years in prison for criminal damages to the RTE building


While certainly not as loopy as the two previous men mentioned on this list, Twink, a theater and TV star who has been on Irish TV since the 1960s, deserves at least a mention for one infamous phone call. The actress, also known as Adele King, left an incredibly irate phone message on her ex-husband’s phone.

It appeared that she was angry that her former husband, David Agnew, had had baby with his new (and much younger wife). What followed was some pretty choice language from a woman known for her family friendly pantomimes.

“Yes you stupid f**king dickhead...Put your mickey [an Irish slang term for a part of a male’s anatomy] back in your trousers. What are you trying to prove you middle aged p**ck?…You’re a f**king idiot You need to zip up your mickey, get your rogaine and stop looking like a middle-aged p**k.”

The clip became an internet sensation, with the expression, "zip up your mickey”, becoming a well known catchphrase, even leading to “zip up your mickey” merchandise, including t-shirts saying, 'Hey fellas, Twink says zip up your mickey!'