The Nee family of Salthill, Galway left the U.S. two years ago, but their youngest daughter, Kiera, and her Irish dancing talent has brought them back stateside. caught up with Kiera Nee, of the Hession School of Irish Dance, after she competed in the first round of the heavy dancing for girls aged 12-13. In her hard dance shoes, Kiera performed a hornpipe.

The 12-year-old performed in last year’s World Irish Dancing Championships in Glasgow.

Kiera’s two older sisters, Aisling and Tonia, are Irish dancers themselves. Aisling is 19 and is still involved with Irish dancing, while 21-year-old Tonia, who has danced since she was just six, has moved on to hip hop dancing. But staying true to her Irish dancing roots, her focus is still on the feet – she wants to be a podiatrist.

The Nee family used to live in Boston, so though it is the first time the World Championships have visited the U.S., Kiera is familiar with the American way of life.

“It’s very different – everything is so much bigger here,” Kiera said.

The Nee girls all trained in America as well at the O’Shea Chapel School of Irish Dance in Boston. Their mother, Maeve, worked in elderly care in the famously Irish city, while their father was a painter.

The family moved back to Ireland in 2006, and Maeve says there were mixed emotions on their return to the Emerald Isle.

Things are different in Ireland, and more expensive, so it took a while for the family to readjust after the move. Kiera, especially, had a difficult time getting used to the change.

But the talented Irish dancer was all smiles as she exited stage left and chatted with IrishCentral. Keira, her mother, and her family and friends posed for a photo, obviously thrilled to be back in the U.S. for the first stateside Irish Dance championships.