We all have that one friend whose Christian name is long forgotten because calling them by their last name just suits so much more.

It now appears that the trend has not only stuck but extended as our lovely last names are being used as baby names throughout the States.

The US Department of Social Security released their annual data last May on the country’s most popular baby names. Along with the list, they’ve provided a searchable database that allows you to see the rank and numbers for any name within the top 1000 for a given year.

The Journal.ie, however, noticed a remarkable trend of common Irish last names now surging in popularity in the US.

Here are some of the most popular Irish last names used as baby names in 2014.

1. Delaney

This is an American girl’s name, who knew? Delaney has been in slight decline in recent years dropping almost 20 places since 2013.

Popularity ranking: 268

Number of Delaneys born in 2014: 1,22

2. McKenna

Makenna is also listed at number 284.

Popularity ranking: 233

Number of McKennas born in 2014: 1,388

3. Collins

How would Michael feel if he knew girls were being named after him?

Popularity ranking: 838

Number of Collins born in 2014: 327

4. Nolan

Nolan saw it’s most popular year in 2014, rising five places in the rankings.

Popularity ranking: 81

Number of Nolans born in 2014: 5,181

5. Brennan

Not quite as popular as it was in 2009. Pat the Baker doesn’t even get a look in, though.

Popularity ranking: 386

Number of Brennans born in 2014: 802

6. Kennedy

Despite clocking in at almost four and a half thousand girls, only 0.230 percent of total female births in 2014 were called Kennedy.

Popularity ranking: 54

Number of Kennedys born in 2014: 4,459

7. Cassidy

Cassidy has fallen over 100 places since 2001.

Popularity ranking: 248

Number of Cassidys born in 2014: 1,294

8. Hayes

0.025 percent of total male births in 2014 were named Hayes.

Popularity ranking: 545

Number of Hayes born in 2014: 498

9. Sullivan

I personally thought this would be a girls name but over 600 baby boys were christened Sullivan last year.

Popularity ranking: 463

Number of Sullivans born in 2014: 628

10. Quinn

Consistently popular for boys it has seen a recent spike as a girls name since 2009.

Popularity ranking: 363 (for boy) and 126 (for girl)

Number of Quinns born in 2014: 2,539 girls and 868 boys

11. Flynn

Only reaching the top 1000 in 2011, Flynn is on the increase.

Popularity ranking: 659

Number of Flynns born in 2014: 388

12. Finnegan

Another one that’s new to the list, Finnegan has been moving its way up since 2005.

Popularity ranking: 464

Number of Finnegans born in 2014: 625

13. Cullen

We may be able to blame this one on a certain Twilight character.

Popularity ranking: 603

Number of Cullens born in 2014: 445

14. Logan

Who knew Ireland’s Eurovision star had such a large US fanbase?

Popularity ranking: 13

Number of Logans born in 2014: 13,579

15. Beckett

Popularity ranking: 244

Number of Becketts born in 2014: 1,511

If you want to see did your last name make the cut, you can try it out here.

H/T: The Journal.ie

*Originally published in May 2015