9th Sep 2013 to 9th Sep 2103

SWF seeks arrogant, leather-jacket wearing male for... Oops, sorry, wrong blurb.

Roe isn't Roe McDermott's real name, & we don't know what's up with that. It's entirely possible that she's a Russian spy. (In Soviet Russia, @Ireland follows YOU.)

Showing great financial prowess, Roe took a degree in English & Philosophy immediately preceding the recession, safe in the knowledge that analysing the Descartian undertones of Alice in Wonderland is always a big earner.

She then took an M.A. in Journalism and, realising that you can legitimately and indefinitely avoid the real world in the name of education, applied to do another M.A. (in Women's Studies, careful there boys.) However, her plans were foiled (dammit, Igor unt zee udder agents vill not be happy) when she took an internship in Hot Press magazine & just couldn't bring herself to leave (neither could security - trust us, they tried.) She's been their resident film critic for over three years now, and is a film and book contributor to Movies.ie, Today FM, Sunday Business Post, RTE Arena and RTE's The Works.

Roe is a feminist and has written features addressing women in comedy, burlesque, the LGBT community and more; and has been a panellist on @Antiroom's Banter sessions.

She's a writer for Fanny.ie where she contributes personal features, interviews and a sex column, fulfilling her parents' dream that she would one day be called 'The Fanny Sex Girl.' Joking aside, she's so grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to dispel some of the shame and stigma that can too often shroud sex, and hopefully open up a dialogue about inexplicably taboo topics.

Given her nerd-hearted, book-hoarding, sex-writing, feminist-horn-tooting tendencies, expect a lot of tweets about writing, books, film, art, culture, sex, feminism - as well as a healthy dose of whimsy. She sincerely promises not to post selfies, Instagrams of sushi, videos of her twerking, or any tweets resembling "Like, totes awks, LOL!"

She likes virgin piña coladas, but walking in the rain makes her look like a raccoon. You can read more of her nonsensical ramblings at @roemcdermott.