She usually tweets from @jilliangodsil.

Jillian Godsil is a writer, freelance broadcaster and journalist living in County Wicklow. A Dubliner by birth, she has lived and worked all over the world including the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore and Portugal.

Recent personal events in her life resulted in her life story going viral; it is a story of debt, divorce and repossession. She is passionate about social justice and is VERY unhappy with the current administration. She had appeared on Irish, British, Belgian, American and German television as part of her debate against debt. Before that she went viral with The Ultimate Job and was even featured on the cover of The Herald in Taiwan – although she is still uncertain what they said as it was written in Mandarin.
She is fan of social media and was part of the TwitterXmasSingle in 2012 which charted at number five in Ireland (pop star), she also acted in a short film organised also through Twitter that won an award in California (film star) and her two teenage kids agree she is a legend in her own lunchtime (since she is a full time writer, she doesn’t take a lunch hour, go figure).