Celtic Cause, celebrating its grand opening this week, is a Celtic T-shirt venture that donates a percentage of sales to the Saint Patrick Centre/Friends of Saint Patrick. Presently Celtic Cause offers original, custom-designed, Irish T-shirts, but plans to add other exclusive designed products in late fall/winter 2012.

Celtic Cause commissioned acclaimed artists Monte M. Moore (Denver, CO) and PJ Belic (Pittsburgh, PA) to design wearable Irish art. Gathering inspiration from sacred texts like The Book of Kells and fashion-forward concepts taken from Urban Fantasy, Monte and PJ created designs that were well-received by attendees of the 25th Annual Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA last weekend.  PJ and Monte’s designs can be viewed at www.celticcause.com/shop .

In short, Celtic Cause is an e-commerce venture with deep ties to our Celtic ancestors, traditions and all things Irish that we hold dear. What differentiates Celtic Cause from other Irish or Celtic T-shirt ventures or web sites is that it donates a percentage of sales to its charity partner, the Saint Patrick Centre / Friends of Saint Patrick in Downkirk.

“Everyone we speak with wants to be part of what we are doing,” said CEO & Founder, W.E. Hinchey.

“We started the company as a way to give back some of the good fortune our family has experienced since coming over  from County Clare. By fortune, I’m not just speaking about monetary things. Fortune can be measured in so many ways…love, hope, faith, friendship, community and family...just to name a few. This is what wish to share through the work we do at Celtic Cause. You purchase a shirt and you make a difference. It’s really that simple.”

Celtic Cause is offering a special discount to IrishCentral.com customers through October 20, 2012. Use code ICC01 for a 15% discount when you purchase two or of their exclusive tee shirts. Visit Celtic Cause www.celticcause.com and help support the Saint Patrick Centre. “

Celtic Cause is offering a special discount to IrishCentral.com customers through October 20, 2012Celtic Cause