The Irish Government has announced funding for the conservation and restoration of a historic shopfront in Dublin that was once home to Easting Rising leader and signatory of the Proclamation of Independence Thomas Clarke. 

Clarke operated a tobacconist at 55 Amiens Street in Dublin City between 1908 and 1911 and the Government has allocated €50,000 to restore the historic shopfront. 

The funding will contribute to the conservation and restoration of the shop's original Irish language storefront, while the funding will also go toward the safeguarding of the structure. 

Furthermore, the funding will allow for the reinstallment of gilded signwriting on the shop's windows. 

Funding of €50,000 has been announced for the conservation and restoration of 55 Amiens Street, Dublin, once home to Easter Rising leader and tabacoonist Tom Clarke💚🤍🧡

— Peadar Brown (@PeadarBrown1) July 9, 2021

The funding was made available under the Historical Structures Fund, which provides financial assistance for architectural heritage. 

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The Department of Housing said that the proposed conservation and restoration of 55 Amiens Street will help commemorate an important era of Irish history whilst also bringing a protected building back into use. 

Dublin City Council will oversee the project and will house community, cultural, and social housing at the site once it is completed. 

Minister for Culture Catherine Martin said that the project was a celebration of Irish history and the Irish language, stating that Clarke was defying British law by erecting Irish language signage. 

"When Tom Clarke had his shop here, it was illegal to have signage in Irish," Martin told the Journal. 

"The restoration of this signage under the HSF not only commemorates an important chapter of our history but is a celebration of our language."