The 12th Annual Ghost Convention will take place in Cork on October 26 at 8pm. The event will take place in  the 19th century Cork City Gaol, which has some ghost hosts of its own, whom audience members and convention speakers have allegedly seen at past conventions.

Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. John Buttimer will officially open the convention. Both believers and skeptics are drawn to the international convention each year.

This year’s Annual Ghost Convention includes a panel of international speakers from a range of professions and backgrounds including paranormal investigators, psychic mediums, and a white witch. Helen Barrett, also known as the White Witch of the Isles, is internationally known for her psychic abilities. She has attended the convention in past years and will give a speech this year on conditions that facilitate ghostly encounters and how to capture ghosts on film.

Jacqui Horgan will also give a lecture on how she and the Cork Paranormal Investigators prepare for a case, conduct the investigation, and evaluate the evidence. She will discuss the several investigations her team has conducted of the Magdalene Laundries, a site of much public interest, and what her team found there.

Spiritual cleanser and psychic medium, Michael Anthony will give a presentation on his work with helping people talk to their loved ones on the other side. He has worked with spirits and negative energy and he will share some of his own supernatural experiences.

The convention also offers the opportunity for people to hear first hand accounts of supernatural experiences and share their own if they want. The first Annual Ghost Convention, which was the first of its kind, was established in 2001 to help raise public awareness and show people that they are not alone in their supernatural experiences. Throughout the evening selections of personal accounts sent to World Ghost Convention will be read aloud.

The Annual Ghost Convention is a voluntary, self funded, and non profit event. Tickets are euro 20 and there is a limited supply. Tickets include light refreshment throughout the evening.

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