Leopold Who?... Or what's it all about?

The story of James Joyce's Ulysses is set on the 16th June 1904. This day has become known as Bloomsday. Named after the book's anti-hero, Leopold Bloom, it is celebrated around the world every year.

Mission (im)possible?

Our mission – should you choose to accept it – is to Blow up Bloomsday!

- We want Bloomsday to grow into a fantastic street carnival like Mardi Gras.
- We want to show that Joyce's Ulysses is fun and contemporary.
- We want to bring Ulysses to new audiences around the world.

Blowing up Bloomsday

Imagine giant cyclops, huge bowler hats, floating kisses and Edwardian zombies. Imagine massive puppets, artists, musicians and dancers romping through Joyce's Dublin.

Bloomsday is the only unofficial literary holiday that celebrates an author, a book and a city. We believe Bloomsday has the potential to become even bigger, giving Dubliners the opportunity to celebrate their city and culture as well as attracting visitors. We appeal to all creative spirits to join us in our vision.

Our Story so far

Have you tried reading Ulysses and failed? Don't worry, we know the feeling. To help, we have created a series of ways to make the world-famous book accessible and charmingly enjoyable for everyone.

At it Again! started just over a year ago when 4 friends went for a walk in the woods and wondered why Bloomsday wasn't more of a party. Why not inject some Rocky Horror into James Joyce? With that image in mind, we produced 2 fun and design-led products as well as interactive events to inspire people:  Romping through Dublin – Ulysses The Manual and The Bloomsday Survival Kit.


Over the last year, people have joined us in our madcap adventures through Joyceland. This included Penelope's Pyjama Party and a James Joyce meets Rocky Horror interactive film screening of the 1967 version of Ulysses (complete with costumes, singing, dancing, heckling and props) to a packed house at the Irish Film Institute during Bloomsday Week.

We have unlocked and undressed Ulysses, sharing our Carry-on Joyce approach.

Please vote for us to promote Dublin, Ulysses and Bloomsday at home and all around the world! You can vote here: Blowing up Bloomsday

Let Bloomsday The Carnival begin!

Source: www.atitagain.ie.

At it Again group are looking to blow up James Joyce's Bloomsday and make "Ulysses" funAt it Again