Binghamton, New York celebrates the 100th anniversary of the actions of Irish-American woman Nellie Connor, factory forewoman in 1913 who helped to save the lives of her coworkers when a deadly inferno tore through the multiple story overall factory they worked in.

The story of her heroic deed is related in 'Mother Connor', a poem written shortly after her death in the blaze.

It is said that Connor stood atop the stairs, calling to the fleeing women and guiding them to safety in the middle of the fire that engulfed the building on July 22. Her body was never recovered.

A memorial service is being held at the site of the Binghamton Clothing Company on the anniversary of the blaze. In preparation for that ceremony, Connor's descendants reached out to Dunmanway Community Council, who traced back her lineage to the townlands Kilbarry and Milane in Co Cork.

The result of a two-year research project involving the Council and the Family, Tommy Collins, the treasurer of the Community Council said he had "been in touch with Nellie's grand-nephew Kevin O'Connor, who has given [him] a lot of information on the fire and the Connor family in America."

Collins added that there are preparations being made for the family to pay visit to Dunmanway next year.

The inscription on the photo reads "Victims of fire of July 27 1913, Funeral Binghamton Clothing Co"Dr Gillroy