Have a look through our list of quintessential Irishisms to see how many you can relate to.

1. You watch "Winning Streak" every time someone from your native county is on it

2. This is on a wall in your house

3. You love when 'there's good drying out'

4. You've used this as a lunchbox

5. Drinking boiled 7up will cure all illnesses

6. You learned Irish from this book

7. Every Irish essay you ever wrote had a plot twist signified by 'Go tobann!'

8. The extent of your parents online knowledge is being able to visit RIP.ie and DoneDeal.ie

9. You've been shocked by the electric fence

10. Once Christmas is over you start looking forward to RAG week

Image: Joe.ie

11. You have great affection for this man

12. You love giving people directions

13. Funerals are where you go to stand outside a chapel and talk about GAA with your neighbor

14. You've spent at least an hour of your lifetime stabbing this with a compass

Image: Rare Irish Stuff

15. You've been stuck behind a man in tractor which has an empty bag as a back window

16. You use Father Ted quotes in every day conversation

17. You have to emigrate

18. You were better dressed for your communion than for your wedding

19. You've never been to the Giant's Causeway

20. You've been asked to stand in a gap at least once

21. You lose the mind any time your county's in a big final

22. All of life's problems can be solved by lighting a candle

23. You owned one of these when you were younger

24. You express surprise by exclaiming the name of a prominent religious figure

Image: Chris.Corwin

25. You instantly know all the words to this song